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INDUCTION: Reasons you won’t believe

These are reasons for inducing the birth process that have appeared in hospital documents:

From the physicians:

“Patient lives in Mexico”
“PTL” needing cervical ripening
“Physician Distress”
“Patient lives far away”
“Worrisome weather”
“She has a note from her husband” (he stated he understood all the risks and promised not to sue if there was a bad outcome)
The patient wants to fit in her prom dress
impending macrosomia
Approaching post dates
“Avoid unlucky birthday on the Chinese calendar”
“placental lakes”
Because the baby is sitting right there.
History of rapid labor ……. (this was for a first time mother)
Multip with history of rapid deliveries…for cytotec induction…
“her husband’s team is playing in town and he (professional athlete) wants to be at the delivery”.

Don't let them induce you

From the patients who want to
schedule their own inductions:
“My doctor scritched my membranes and told me to call you”
“Fireballs in my uterus” and “Fireballs in my Eucharist”
” I am here for “instruction” for labor”
“my doctor is going to indulge me next week”

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Birth in North America circa 1975

I just saw this photo on Flickr and it reminded me of what it was like when I was looking for a gentle birth in 1976. Thank heaven I found a midwife to attend me at home. Gloria

Woman Who Has Just Given Birth in the Delivery Room of Loretto Hospital in New Ulm, Minnesota...

Woman Who Has Just Given Birth in the Delivery Room of Loretto Hospital in New Ulm, Minnesota…

Original Caption: Woman Who Has Just Given Birth in the Delivery Room of Loretto Hospital in New Ulm, Minnesota. Her Husband, Who Observed the Birth, Holds His Wife’s Head as She Turns to Gaze at Her Newborn Child. There Are Two Hospitals in the Town, Union Which Is Non-Denominational and Loretto Which Is Catholic. They Have Divided Their Services to Specialize and Give More Efficient Service New Ulm Is a County Seat Trading Center of 13,000 in a Farming Area in South Central Minnesota.

U.S. National Archives’ Local Identifier: 412-DA-15716

Photographer: Phillips, Kathy

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New live, online classes on April 11, 2013

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Melissa’s HBAC (Australia)

From Melissa: ” Here’s my birth montage of our baby number four Marlia. Three years ago I gave birth to Blaze our third baby at home and you posted his slide show on your blog. The only thing I regretted about his birth was not having any video footage of his birth. I have included some footage of Marlia’s birth in the slide show. I had a midwife present for Marlia’s birth and as last time she stood back and just took photos for me. I transferred to hospital for postnatal care as my husband and I are now separated and I had no one to care for me at home. We transferred via ambulance skin on skin with cord still intact and pulsating and it continued for 1.5 hours post birth. I birth the placenta in the shower at hospital 2hrs after the birth with no pressure from the staff. The hospital were very good about all of my postnatal wishes. “

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Questionnaire for Birth Professionals

Questionnaire for birth professionals (self awareness)

Ask yourself the question and then write down the answer(s) that pop into your head. Don’t figure it out. There are no right or wrong answers. What pops into your head may open up some awareness of your subconscious fear of birth.

1. With regard to having babies, what my mother said is_______________________________
2. With regard to having babies, what my father said is_________________________________
3. With regard to having babies, what I learned in school is _____________________________
4. With regard to my clients, what I have done that doesn’t meet my standards is ____________________________________________________________________
5. With regard to my birth practice, what I would be willing to forgive myself for is _____________________________________________________________________
6. With regard to pregnancy/birth, my biggest fear is________________________________________________________
7. How I feel when I’m standing in the lobby of a hospital is ______________________________
8. What I know about my own birth is_______________________________________________
9. If I could go back to the womb and re-create my own birth experience, I would: (write out all the elements of your fantasy ideal birth)
10. If I had beautiful, ecstatic births happening in my practice, who might be wrong? Who might be upset?
11. Some ways that I could be nicer to myself are _________________________________________

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Gina and her men

Read Gina’s story on her blog at Quote from the story that I love: “It was the most amazing feeling reaching down, catching our baby and bringing him to my chest. No one other than Cody and I touched our baby, that was very special to me. He snuggled on my chest and Cody told me how proud he was of me and I told Jaxon how proud I was of him.”

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Birthing the Placenta in the early days of Canada

I’m a little hesitant to post the following because of the undertones of colonial disdain but I’m going to go ahead because this is the source of my conviction about the 30 Minute Third Stage. If this story can be used as a cautionary tale for midwives and physicians, I think it’s important to share it. Please read it with a sympathetic view to the time and place.

From CBC Radio “Ideas” program “Doctoring the Family
By David Cayley and Jutta Mason

(beginning of excerpt) David Cayley (announcer): It is clear that pre-medical birth cultures, both Native and non-Native, had many resources to deal with difficulties, but the picture is naturally not without its shadows and isolated cases of shocking cases of incompetence are easy enough to find. Rita Dobois, for example, recalls that although native midwives were usually very cautious about manual extraction of the placenta, she did encounter one very striking exception.

Rita Dobois: The placenta, they didn’t like to pull on it. Now, there was another case here in Manitoba that one of my friends went to and they did a terrible job there. Now, that midwife was known in the community as not being a very good midwife, and she did a delivery on a young woman, a woman who was about 19-20 years old and it was her first baby, and the placenta did not come away fast enough for her liking, and she went in after the placenta. It was very strange, I was quite surprised that she apparently took the placenta and whatever she got and put it into a cloth and put it on the lady’s abdomen and sent the patient in to Norway House, to the doctor, because she was still bleeding. When the doctor opened the cloth, he almost died of shock because there was the uterus, the cervix, the bladder and part of the bowel. She had taken everything out. She had yanked it all out—everything. And that was something that we could not understand, because we had never seen this happen.

So, this nurse said that she was sent in there for the next period. It was freeze up in the fall. She said there were two babies delivered and this midwife insisted that she do the delivery. So she thought well, I’m going to be there, I’m going to see this thing. And so she was there for the delivery and she said it was really an amazing thing because she had never heard a midwife or seen a midwife do this. As soon as the baby was born, I mean just as fast as a wink, her hand was going in to pull out the placenta because the woman was going to die if the placenta wasn’t out. And at one point, the nurse said to her, if you don’t take your hands away from there I’m going to hit you over the head right now and knock you out, because you’re going to kill this lady. And this woman got really upset because she thought that what she was doing was really the right thing to do. And so they got a clock and they sat there and watched the clock. And this nurse kept saying to her, take your hands away, it’s not 30 minutes yet, it’s not 30 minutes. And so finally in 30 minutes, the placenta separated and delivered by itself, and this woman was absolutely amazed.

So, when the nurse asked around the community, you know, how much experience this woman had, they said not a lot, but they thought that she wasn’t that bad. So then when they had the second delivery, Lenore said to this woman, well, you’re going to do the delivery, but there’s the clock and I’m telling you, if you touch that woman before 30 minutes I’m going to really sock you a good one. And so she said the woman just sat there and waited and watched the clock and watched the nurse for fear that she was going to get a clobbering. And in 30 minutes, the placenta separated and came away nicely, and this woman was amazed. She said, you’ve got magical powers. She said no, but she said I bought this clock and it’s yours, and you watch it. And she said, the next time there’s a delivery, even if I’m not here, you expect me to clobber you if you touch her before 30 minutes. And this woman was really amazed, she just couldn’t believe that 30 minutes was like a magic number. Because to her, as soon as the feet were out, you had to go in there and pull out the placenta, right away, quick. . . There was this terrible fear of losing the patient to hemorrhage. We’ve never seen that anywhere else. (end of excerpt)

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Hypnobabies home waterbirth 2012

Video of a home waterbirth using Hypnobabies tools.

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Vancouver Women Speak Out about Birth Management by Midwives

These women are responding to a press release by the College of Midwives of B.C. The College seems to think that birthing women are too vulnerable to choose who they want to attend their birth. This sparked the discussion at the Birth Protest Rally, Nov 28, 2012 in Vancouver BC.

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