College of Midwives of B.C.

Parents, grandparents, children and birth rights activists picketed the College of Midwives offices on Nov. 28, 2012. The College of Midwives conducts secret investigations and flagging operations to undermine the alternative birth workers in the province. By sending negative press releases and spreading half-truths and innuendo, they attempt to claim a monopoly on who shall attend births in the province.

Choice of birth attendant is a woman's right

From the film “Freedom for Birth”: — “One of the home birth mothers supported by Ms Gereb (Agnes Gereb, Hungarian midwife) decided to take a stand.
When pregnant with her second child, Anna Ternovsky took her country (Hungary) to the European Court of Human Rights and won a landmark case that has major implications for childbirth around the world.

Toni Harman, one of the filmmakers says, “the “Ternovsky vs Hungary” ruling at the European Court of Human Rights in 2010 means that,. . . now in Europe, every birthing woman has the legal right to decide where and how she gives birth. . .

. . .And across the world. . ., it means that if a woman feels like her Human Rights are being violated because her birth choices are not being fully supported, she could use the power of the law to protect those rights. With the release of “Freedom For Birth”, we hope millions of women become aware of their legal rights and so our film has the potential to spark a revolution in maternity care across the world. In fact, we are calling this the Mothers’ Revolution.”

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I live and work in Vancouver BC Canada. I've been in the childbirth business for 30 years. I teach midwifery and doula courses both online and in person.
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  1. Gina says:

    Thank you for sharing Gloria.

  2. The College of Midwife’s irrational obsession with slandering Gloria Lemay includes dedicating an entire web page to her on their website (paid by my taxes); includes UBC midwifery students as recently as this month being verbally warned to stay away from all things Gloria… this insidiously warped witch hunt mentality now shows it ugly head in its persecution of Moreka Jolar in Northern BC. AM I, as an expecting parent, grandparent, support person, supposed to trust an organisation that partakes, advocates and invests in acrimonious slander and intimidation of traditional midwives, women who devote their lives to helping other women??? What’s wrong with this picture? Who is the dark soul sourcing this kind of garbage in the name of protecting women? Who is this dark soul dirtying the name of the College of Midwives for me, and all parents who believe that a mother has the moral and legal right to choose, when, where, and with whom she will give birth? Give me a friggen’ break. There is a rotten apple sitting pretty at the top of the pyramid, contaminating unsuspecting young parents and students, the community at large, and the College itself.

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