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I live and work in Vancouver BC Canada. I've been in the childbirth business for 30 years. I teach midwifery and doula courses both online and in person.

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All the history, your favorite birth stories, plus Gloria’s latest news:

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INDUCTION: Reasons you won’t believe

These are reasons for inducing the birth process that have appeared in hospital documents: From the physicians: “Patient lives in Mexico” “PTL” needing cervical ripening “Physician Distress” “Patient lives far away” “Worrisome weather” “She has a note from her husband” … Continue reading

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Birth in North America circa 1975

I just saw this photo on Flickr and it reminded me of what it was like when I was looking for a gentle birth in 1976. Thank heaven I found a midwife to attend me at home. Gloria Woman Who … Continue reading

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New live, online classes on April 11, 2013

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Melissa’s HBAC (Australia)

From Melissa: ” Here’s my birth montage of our baby number four Marlia. Three years ago I gave birth to Blaze our third baby at home and you posted his slide show on your blog. The only thing I regretted … Continue reading

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Questionnaire for Birth Professionals

Questionnaire for birth professionals (self awareness) Ask yourself the question and then write down the answer(s) that pop into your head. Don’t figure it out. There are no right or wrong answers. What pops into your head may open up … Continue reading

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Gina and her men

Read Gina’s story on her blog at Quote from the story that I love: “It was the most amazing feeling reaching down, catching our baby and bringing him to my chest. No one other than Cody and I touched … Continue reading

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Birthing the Placenta in the early days of Canada

I’m a little hesitant to post the following because of the undertones of colonial disdain but I’m going to go ahead because this is the source of my conviction about the 30 Minute Third Stage. If this story can be … Continue reading

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Hypnobabies home waterbirth 2012

Video of a home waterbirth using Hypnobabies tools.

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Vancouver Women Speak Out about Birth Management by Midwives

These women are responding to a press release by the College of Midwives of B.C. The College seems to think that birthing women are too vulnerable to choose who they want to attend their birth. This sparked the discussion at … Continue reading

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